Short-Cuts Reunion!

Hey folks,

A U.K Punk rock band that broke up 9 years ago are reforming for a one off gig …(or maybe more??)

Follow the link below for more info. The ten bands, ten minutes gigs are organised by our friends Married To The Sea and have been running for many years. They genuinely always a great night!

Anyway, the band is the Short-Cuts and you can now download everything they ever recorded  for FREE HERE!


Michael Jackson – Ten Bands, Ten Minutes in Liverpool facebook page.

New Sat Nav Sam Record for Free Download

ImageTwo years into his ‘Around the World in 80 Gigs’ bicycle adventure and Sat Nav Sam has somehow managed to find time to record seven new songs.

Using a digital 4-track recorder and a cheap ‘Fendar’ guitar he was given in India, the new E.P titled ‘Scenic Roots’ was recorded in Nepal (June 2012)

Talking about the new songs Sat Nav Sam said:

“I was given the guitar by two Danish guys. Every time I picked it up after that songs burst out at me. I wrote over 30 very quickly then chose the tracks I thought I could get the best quality out of using a small mono mic.

I started playing around with a few different tunings which I haven’t done before. Having so much time away from a guitar may have done me good. I  forgot how to play and had to start from scratch getting my fingers to move again.

The songs still sound melodic to me and I am really with the sound I managed to get out of a box maybe 5×3 inches in size.

I hope everyone can hear a natural growth in my music and enjoys listening to the record over and over again. It sounds less Folk Punk than a lot of the songs on my debut album but I feel it shows a definite improvement in my guitar playing and singing.

‘Scenic Roots’ is available as a free download from here:

Happy listening folks,

Goodbye Lookout!

We were sorry to hear recently that Lookout Records have shut up shop – forever.

Most of the people involved with Merbus Records grew up listening to bands like Green Day, Operation Ivy and Squirtgun amongst other and that there will be no more releases from them is upsetting.

A farewell blog can be read here for more info:

Goodnight Lookout – You did us proud.

Mer’Gig 2012

The World was predicted to end in 2012 wasn’t it?

Oh well, you best do your best to get along to one last gig before you kick the bucket then hadn’t you?

Come along and rock out!